THE UK’s largest Freeport

Teesworks is the UK’s largest and most connected industrial zone, home to diverse, sustainable and low-carbon activity.

Offering immediate connectivity to Teesport, the North Sea and global markets, this multi-sector setting brings together global leaders and innovative pioneers to power Britain’s carbon capture capital.


Long-Term Jobs Created

£ 2 billion

Investment Secured From Occupiers

15 %

Land Occupied


4,500 acres on the banks of the River Tees, at the heart of the Tees Valley's industrial landscape.

Teesworks Location
Access to global markets

The UK’s best connected industrial zone, offering immediate connectivity via rail, road, sea and air.


From transport connections to electric, gas and water supplies, Teesworks is a ready-made home for large-scale business.

Technology strategy

We're committed to developing a diverse setting that's home to advanced technology, sustainable innovation and renewable projects.


The Development

Europe's largest brownfield site, unrivalled in size, scale and opportunity.

Since 2015, over £200million has been invested to prepare a development area covering more than 2000 acres. Teesworks is the next chapter. From the place that built the world, this is a diverse, multi-sector setting, bringing together industry leaders to power Britain’s carbon capture capital. The site itself offers immediate connectivity to Teesport, the North Sea, Europe and beyond, unlocking global markets for sustainable innovators and global pioneers.

There’s also a keen emphasis on long-term thinking and a more sustainable future. Modern manufacturing combined with renewable activity and the clean energy sector will empower a resilient industrial cluster that’s at the centre of a high value, low carbon circular economy.

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Net Zero

Net Zero Teesside

Capturing up to 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

We’re serious about the future, and as the UK’s carbon capture capital we’re pushing the Government’s carbon-neautral agenda. Based at Teesworks and in partnership with local industry and world class partners, Net Zero Teesside aims to deliver the UK’s first zero-carbon industrial cluster, capturing the same amount of energy annually as more than three million homes.

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Site overview

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