The Long Term Plan

An emphasis on diverse activity, long-term thinking and a more sustainable future.

Overseeing Teesworks’ development is the South Tees Development Corporation; the first Mayoral Development Corporation outside of Greater London, and the UK’s first Special Economic Area.

From the place that built the world, Teesworks is a diverse, multi-sector setting, bringing together industry leaders to power the UK’s largest freeport and Britain’s carbon capture capital. The site itself offers immediate connectivity to Teesport, the North Sea, Europe and beyond, unlocking global markets for sustainable innovators and global pioneers. Alongside Teesport and Redcar Bulk Terminal, an all-new 1km quay will be built at South Bank, specifically designed to focus on serving the offshore energy sector amongst other opportunities.

As part of the Teesside Freeport, Teesworks is at the centre of the UK’s largest tariff free customs zone. This offers many advantages to businesses, including a package of tax relief to help drive jobs, investment and growth, streamlined planning processes and simplified customs procedures.

There’s also a keen emphasis on long-term thinking and a more sustainable future. Modern manufacturing combined with renewable activity and the clean energy sector will empower a resilient industrial cluster that’s at the centre of a high value, low carbon circular economy.

A highly skilled workforce specialising in manufacturing, engineering and offshore industries, will be complemented by Teesworks Academy. The new academy builds on the back of core skill sets and the region’s history of innovation to enhance skills, showcase career opportunities and create a world-class workforce of the future.

Teesworks is governed by a welcoming local authority in Redcar & Cleveland Council, making it prime space for large scale modern industry, innovative manufacturing and global distribution.

Key Facts
4500 Acres
  • - The first Mayoral Development Corporation outside of Greater London.
  • - A diverse, multi-sector setting, located at the heart of the Teesside Freeport.

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