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In 2015 the Redcar steelworks closed, ending 170 years of steelmaking on Teesside and resulting in 3,000 people losing their jobs. It had a devastating impact on local communities and left a derelict steelworks. The closure was costing the taxpayer £20million per year, and the taxpayer had lost approximately £10million per year in business rates, which goes towards the provision of vital local services. Following an independent valuation, the site had an astronomical liability of £482million.

In 2020, Teesworks was formed, a public/private sector partnership between the South Tees Development Corporation and local developers JC Musgrave and Northern Land Management. Already Teesworks has attracted more than £2billion of investment from new occupiers and created more than 2,500 long-term jobs with a promise of so much more. 2023 will be a year of more progress, more private sector investment and more jobs. We want you to judge us on our record of delivery, so we have created this live dashboard. This will update you on our journey as we look to transform the former Redcar steelworks into a world-class hotbed of low-carbon innovation, leading the UK in the clean energy sectors of the future.
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Long-Term Jobs Created

  • Long term jobs created through confirmed investment

Money To Taxpayers (per year) from 2026

  • This money returns to STDC and Redcar Council
  • This money is made up of Business Rates and Investment Income
  • The former steelworks returned approx. £10million to Redcar Council each year

Land Occupied

  • Total developable land available 1,630 acres
  • SeAH Wind – 90acres
  • Net Zero Teesside – 150acres

Investment Secured From Occupiers

  • SeAH Wind
  • Net Zero Teesside

Private Partner Funding

  • Money committed by Teesworks’ private partners so far
  • Land remediation
  • South Bank Quay

Public Sector Funding

  • Allocation fully committed for:
    • Demolition
    • Make-safe
    • Infrastructure
    • Remediation

Cost to the UK Taxpayer if we did nothing...


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