2nd January 2024


It was a terrific 2023 at Teesworks as attention turned to structures rising from the ground and increased major infrastructure activity. The curtain came down on one of the biggest and most complex explosive demolition programmes the country has ever seen. The South Bank Quay, South Bank Link Road and SeAH Wind’s vast factory all rose. Here are the numbers behind all the hard work as teams gear up for an exciting and busy 2024.

No fewer than 147 expressions of interest in the whole Teesworks site. 

More than 130 site visits by firms. 

Land the equivalent of more than 50 football pitches has been remediated – or, in other words, made ready for investors to move in.  

A quarter of a tonne of explosives brought down 11 structures in 2023.  

Scrap of 80,000 tonnes was processed. The weight of 4,500 double decker buses.  

Half of the Net Zero Teesside site set to bring thousands of jobs though a bp-led scheme has been remediated. 

1,194 acres under contract or negotiations with businesses.  

30,000 tonnes of concrete poured as part of the construction of the 450m long first phase of the South Bank Quay. The weight of 10,000 elephants. 

1372 jobs from Teesworks in 2023 – including 200 in demolition and decontamination, 350 in construction, 522 at SeAH Wind, 100 technical consultants, and 200 in other roles.    

A whopping 1.8million tonnes of material recycled from the Teesworks site for the creation of the South Bank Watercourse, South Bank Link Road and remediated land. The equivalent of the weight of 3.6million Grand Pianos.  

A huge 40,000 tonnes of asphalt and surfacing put down on the mile-long South Bank Link Road.  

Teesworks Chairman Chris Musgrave said: “I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in 2023 and the numbers speak for themselves. 

“2024 will be another huge year for Teesworks. We’ll start to see more construction and businesses moving into the operational phase. It’s an exciting time and I’m proud of the difference this site is already making on the local communities.” 

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